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Game News

BREGAN D'AERTH Guild Charter

Bregan D'Aerth (BDA) was formed in early 1995 in the original online AD&D game Neverwinter Nights. We roleplay (RP) dark elves who favor profit over religion, and fun over doctrine. In our years of existence we have balanced RP and PVP skills. Within old NWN, we were the premier PVP guild, having won more than a dozen tournaments, ladders, etc., including the infamous Great War, which included all sanctioned NWN guilds. We also won or placed high in all the staff run RP events in Neverwinter Nights.

The Bregan D'Aerth is a guild of drow merchants, mercenaries and assassins who have bonded together for protection and profit. We are an organization that has no desire to live within the structure of the normal drow female ruled society. While some members may still choose to follow Lloth, many others choose not to. The evil gods and goddesses our members follow, and the beliefs they may have, will be accepted so that we may empower the entire drow race. This empowerment will enable us to rise against the lesser races, to subvert them to our will and take back that which is rightfully ours. Take back that which was stolen from us, the surface!!! Under these premises the Bregan D'Aerth was formed to promote drow role-play and PVP.

“Jallil d'lil Velve” ~ GM

Guild News

ToD Accomplished

KatishyaBDA, Feb 14, 12 3:09 AM.

The BDA has been setting up for the ToD for a few weeks now with the help of Verinsolen and many others (thank you!). Many of us got flagged and got the boots on one char or another (grats!) I received a text from Verin yesterday stating “ToD practice run tonight”. I was game and ready for the fun of trying this new (to us) raid area. This was to be a practice run, so we did not expect to get “to” the 3rd area much less finish it (you heard me, we COMPLETED the raid!). This was an amazing run and so much fun. Every last one of you guys did an incredible job healing, fighting, paying attention and getting your part done. AMAZING WORK BDA. I would also like to thank Cryo, Al, Ismash and Perrod for joining and helping us. Thank you all for a fantastic run.


Raid (DQ & Tempest Spine)

KatishyaBDA, Jul 17, 11 2:43 PM.
We did DQ1-2 and Tempest Spine last night. Thank you to all BDA who came out, also thank you to the MoD guild for their assistance and fun, and lastly thank you to the people who pugged with us... you guys were awesome!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

KatishyaBDA, Oct 9, 10 12:50 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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